Friday, January 27, 2012


Much to my huge relief, I set aside my writing last night feeling that current pile of crap was finally heading for a finale. I'd brought all the protags together, just one last bust up before bed and voila, it will be done.
Then I can't sleep because the thing is repeatedly circling in my mind. I tried to think it through - useless - so in the end, so as not to disturb husband, I wore one of the silly little finger lights I put in the family's crackers at Christmas. It made a lovely red circle on the ceiling, so I played with it and woke husband. Oh dear.
Started to think about next story and that sent me back to sleep.
Started to write today and realized I don't actually have a proper ending that makes sense for WIP.
Darn it.


Arlene said...

The depth of imagination you have, my friend, is beyond amazing. To write one unique complex plot line after the other, your brain never slows down!!!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh yes, it does!!! Usually when I need it to be active. I think I've read this WIP in such a piecemeal way that it doesn't yet feel coherent. At least, I hope that's what's wrong. Plus one of the MCs needs more of a role. I have to tackle that NOW!

Fred said...

Take a long walk. That gets the brain firing. That or drop acid, though I wouldn't recommend that unless you don't mind the hallucination of the Penguin God giving the benediction.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ha ha - instead I lay in bed and brainstormed with husband who proceded to tear apart my plot, pointing out it wasn't in the slightest bit realistic. OH - that would be like the sex in the erotic novels then?