Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three in a bed

My inspiration for writing a menage? - If the three little pigs can do it!!! Looks a bit chilly though and my menages are far from chilly.

The Small Print - a vampire, a were-vamp and a something else...

Rocked - a stonemason, a gargoyle and Pepper!

Anna in the Middle - My best selling book!

Susie's Choice - My second best selling book!

The Misfits - three characters who were ALL misfits.

Fight to Remember - the last in my Trueblood series.

My book due out in May with Samhain is a paranormal menage and I'm working on a contemporary one now. Since I never plan anything, I don't know quite how I slip into writing threesomes. It just happens. Er - but not in real life, I hasten to add. I think there must be something appealing about having more one than one guy lust after you, but the practicalities of the situation make successful threesomes rare, I suspect. I'm not the jealous type at all, but I can see how jealousy can arise. And then there is always the spectre of Mr Wolf lurking outside, ready to destroy everything. Which reminds me - I better get on with my current project. I have a villain to write!


Arlene said...

Love that picture! And I adore reading your threesomes,twosomes,anysome story that pours out of your wonderful, whacky, sexy,sweet head.

Fred said...

Hey, I think I dated the pig in the middle in college. (I was drunk a lot.)