Wednesday, March 7, 2012


How I love editing!! I mean it. I'm not being sarcastic. I much prefer it to creating the first draft of a story. My latest editing marathon has been of another thriller. It's about the Russian mafia and set in Miami. I actually went to the place where I'd set it to check out beach access and things like that! I'd made assumptions that turned out to be wrong so I prefer to go in person to a place if I can.
The book is called - 'Crossing the Line' - and it's a theme that runs through the story. How far should you go in any given situation? Is there a point at which you should say no? My heroine wants revenge for the murder of her family but what is she prepared to do to get what she wants?
Trouble is - 'Crossing the Line' - isn't a very unique title and I probably ought to find something else to call it. Son suggested 'Katya if you can'. Katya is the name of the heroine - but it sounds bit too flippant to me.
I'm also fairly sure I'll self-publish this one. Whilst it has a much stronger romantic element than 'Chosen', it's not a book that fits well with a romantic publisher. But there's a lot to do before I get that far- another line edit, a cover, maybe a new title, formatting for publication etc
Maybe the host of New York agents reading this will be rushing to send me emails to grab first option on it.
Oh look, I grew wings!


Fred said...

How about Katya Compelled for a title? Sounds interesting. Need an extra set of eyes on it?

Barbara Elsborg said...
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Arlene said...

I hate getting that first draft out. Once down, the constant coats of polish are alot better.
Titles, sigh. I do like Crossing the Line, but I tend to latch onto those original ones.