Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What to do with my business cards

Where can I leave them - let me count the places
Who can I give them to?

1. Random shoppers in Target who make the mistake of talking to me - sorry nice lady!
2. Slip them inside books I send to charity shops
3. Hand out at book fairs - oh, I never go to any.
4. Drop by 'accident' - and watch them get thrown in bin
5. Drop by 'accident' and get fined for littering
6. Stand and wait for possible victims - get done for loitering with intent
7. Leave in coffee bars - oh I never go to those either

Could this be why I still have 493 of the 500 I ordered?


Arlene said...

I bet I have 495 of mine laying around. And wow, yours are so vibrant. You should randomly slip them in people's carts at Walmart. You know, in pockets of the clothes, inside tupperware, under the huge bags of candy. It'd be better than your usual pranks of hiding condoms and home pregnancy tests in with their stuff when they're not looking.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Oops - busted!

Fred said...

I'd send them to prisoners, give them to secretaries, and pass them out at the high schools. That would drum up some business.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Yeh, from the police!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Now I've ordered new ones because I need to addd some detail and take some off.I do like Vista print but I know I'm going to be besieged by emails from them now.