Monday, November 5, 2012

Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpower, treason and plot
We see no reason why
Gunpower treason
Should ever be forgot

An old rhyme that I suspect not many remember now about this day in our history when we celebrate bonfire night - the night Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of parliament - and failed. When I was a kid we made 'guys' - full sized figures dressed in old clothes to put on the top of the bonfire and then we set fire to it. How lovely! Not!!
But the fireworks - ah - they're great. When I was little we had a box of Standard fireworks that each lasted about three seconds before they fizzled out, and rockets that barely made it into the air before they spluttered to nothing. And we still oohed and aahed and loved them.
Nowadays the fireworks are in a different league. Super celestial displays in multi colors and a variety of patterns that last ages. And cost a fortune.
We had sparklers too that took so long to light, yours had gone out by the time you'd lit everyone else's. Ah happy days.
Sorry to all the pets out there. I know dogs hate it and I do wish the fireworks were only allowed on one or two nights between certain times and then at least pet owners would know when to keep their animals indoors.


Arlene said...

You have the most interesting posts! Thanks for sharing pet-friendly visual fireworks with us.

Barbara Elsborg said...