Saturday, November 3, 2012

If you like disturbed bad guys and humor - you'll love this!

I was lucky enough to critique this novel by Gerry! He's a very talented writer and if you like quirky stories, this is the one to read. He's funny, irreverent and different - as are his characters. I can so see this as a movie. Anyone listening? 

Dropcloth Angels - by Gerald Johnston

He came,
He sawed,
He ate…
All that are left behind of the victims are their heads, placed together with the painted angels, rendered in the victim’s own blood. The acts, captured on video, are sent elsewhere… Now Zoe Beaupre, a hooker with an imaginary monkey and sister of the serial killer’s latest conquest, must band together with a mismatched posse of saviors in order to bring him down. Little does Zoe know, but the deeper into the madman’s world they trek, more and more is revealed about snuff films…and Gideon, the puppet master who will stop at nothing to see her dead.

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Arlene said...

That is one fantastic blurb and cover. I'm hooked. And I see it's out in ebook as well as print so another for my kindle. Thanks for all these great recommends you're telling us about!

Barbara Elsborg said...

This is a very quirky book. Gerry's sense of humor is fantastic if a bit macabre but you'll like this one!