Monday, July 1, 2013

Is it cos I is an author?

I'm in a book club. We meet roughly once a month at each other's house for two hours and discuss the book the host has chosen. Well - we discuss the book for about thirty minutes and then chat about all sorts of things while we eat and drink. It's not often we find a book that all five of us like and it's a reminder to me about how tastes differ and how authors can have a very different take on a book to a reader.
I spent three years at university doing little but criticise and analyse. It ruined the classics for me for years and also stopped me reading so called trashy novels. It was only after I left uni that I was able to read for pleasure again. It was long time before I could pick up a 'serious' book. Now I find myself reverting back to my student days and thinking why a book didn't work for me. In other words, I have my critic's hat back on because I'm well aware that others out there are criticising my books.
I find I can't read and enjoy or dislike and set aside without thinking - what was good about that, what didn't work? And I'm well aware that I'm getting more and more critical, not less. I've downloaded a lot of books onto my Kindle ap - and 90% get deleted after a few pages. I don't have time to waste on stories that don't grab me by the throat almost immediately. Some - that others have raved about - I keep trying and then giving up on but don't delete. Not yet anyway.
Tonight our book club is discussing Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler. Do I like it? It's okay. I don't love it so I'll have to explain why to the others. I'm always the most critical one.

And because I like to put pics in - this is one of my books that has sold in very small numbers. I don't know why. I think it's better than a lot of my others. Cute characters and a bit different. Sigh. Maybe I was trying too hard with the title but it so fits the story of my rain dancing faerie! I'd like to offer a commentator a copy of this book with the hope they might leave me a review!!!


Arlene said...

The authors getting your reviews are lucky for the spot on remarks and constructive thoughts. I, too, don't get the lower sales for Puddles but hopefully a fantastic and different sort of paranormal romance will eventually take off. I know you worked very hard writing and rewriting that one and the story deserves to be in a zillion hands.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Arlene!!

Sharee said...

Hi Barbara,

I have been on a bit of a reading binge lately and have read a number of your books over the last few months. I love your unique English voice (I'm actually an Aussie). Getting a kindle about a year ago has certainly opened up my ability to obtain books that are not readily available in Australia.

Anyway, I can honestly say I have really enjoyed the stories of yours that I have read. I did look at 'Jumping in Puddles' but didn't buy it at the time. After your comment regarding the low sales I will go ahead and give it a go and if it is as enjoyable as your others I promise to leave a positive comment on Amazon. I do get on their regularly to check out other reviews but have yet to leave one myself!


Sharee said...

Woops - 'I do get on there'!