Thursday, July 11, 2013


I started writing a long time ago. Mostly short stories based on TV series but in my twenties I wrote my first novel. It was called Unnatural Selection. I thought that was such a cool title but of course, there are lots of books with that title now. It was set in the States and at that time, I'd never been there. It was about the mafia - of which I knew very little. It was a woman in peril story - of which I'm particularly fond. The heroine - Kate - yes another Kate - sorry faithful readers - is rather young and I'm thinking - could this be resurrected, polished, edited, sexed up and possibly published?
I'd always sort of thought it should stay in the closet but I have a hankering to get it out and read it again and see if it's maybe not as bad as I remembered. I know it's gloomy so I'll have to lighten it up a bit but maybe I can bring it back to life.
I just better finish the one I'm writing first.

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