Monday, August 11, 2008

Books that are coming!!

Ellora's Cave are soon to publish "Something about Polly" - a follow up to "Perfect Timing".
Loose-Id have accepted "Falling for you" - a follow up to "The Consolation Prize".
Phew, I'm on a roll!


Arlene said...

This is a lovely blog. Congradulations on setting it up. Your fans will find it easy, and it's great to have a spot with accomplishments listed so clearly.
I for one, cant wait until you've written the next, and I know Loose Id will be foaming at the mouth for it.
I wish you sooo much luck!

Laurie said...

Good looking website, Barbara. I reread your 20 Things About Me (again) and it gave me tears (again). No, the good kind.

You ARE on a roll! Keep selling those novels. Can't wait until some smart editor snaps up STRANGERS. :)