Monday, August 11, 2008

The Consolation Prize

‘You are invited to spend four days at Sunset Spa, Washburn Hall. Accommodation and nourishment provided. All spa treatments included.’It should have been a big thrill—an all expenses paid trip, but it was the topping on Chloe’s really bad night. She’d lost her promotion, destroyed a pair of designer pumps and given in her notice. Washburn Hall, where her family died, was the last place she wanted to go. But Chloe is pulled towards the spa by forces beyond her control.
Luka is handsome, rich and gay. That’s what he’d like everyone to think. Luka is a Trueblood, a fertile vampire. Not a bad thing, unless being staked out in the sun and fried to a crisp is appealing. But his secret is out. Shanghaied into stud service, he’s chained up in a basement.
Chloe wonders if the gorgeous naked man in chains is part of the all-inclusive package. Free him and run. Simple enough. After all, the only thing between Chloe and the man of her dreams is a few horny vamps, a decent set of bolt cutters and a step-grandmother from hell. Piece of cake.
Who said the trip to the spa wouldn’t be fun?

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