Monday, August 11, 2008

Perfect Timing

How to seduce a priest.
Dress as a nun with red lace underwear and stiletto heels. Check.Drop face first in your dessert and wait for the mouth to mouth. Double check.Okay, so he isn’t a Priest, and Daisy isn’t a Nun, but Jake is her best shot at rescuing her getaway from disaster.
Daisy books a sixties murder mystery weekend, thinking hippies, free love and tie dyes, not Zimmer frames and false teeth. So she misses one tiny word on the details. Over. As in, over sixties, over the hill and when will this weekend be over?
From the moment she arrives, rolling in with a sheep, she makes quite the impression. Like an escaped mental patient. And sliding down the well-waxed banister and landing on her bum in front of Jake…not a good idea.
When her charming host dresses her as a nun, Daisy wants to scream. Another impression she didn't want to make. Pious. She begins to wonder if she should go home and write this weekend off. On the other hand, maybe not… He did wear that costume well.
Bless me father, for I have sinned….or I’d really like to.

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