Monday, June 18, 2012


This is the headquarters of MI6 - James Bond territory. The story I've just finished writing has a character who works for MI6 and not surprisingly it was very tricky to find out much about the building. It's nickname is Babylon-on-Thames because it resembles a ziggurat. It's also called Legoland because it looks like a lot of bricks slotted together. It seems so strange to see it sitting there by the side of the Thames in full view. Though I expect to hear a knock on the door from the security service who no doubt took photos of me taking photos of them! Well, not them, just the building. It has razor wire around it, loads of cameras, plenty of jamming equipment and extra strong doors. Not that I'm thinking of breaking in!! I did wonder if there were tunnels leading to buildings around to allow staff to enter and leave without being seen. Guess I'll never know. Er - I mean - I hope I never find out.


Rachael said...

That building is sooo cool! I want to see it. I was obsessed with spies ever since seeing 'Agent Cody Banks' as a kid haha

Arlene said...

M16, how interesting! Great picture. You come up with the best settings.

Fred said...

MI6 has a sterling reputation. They'd never torture you, they'd ship you off to some third world hell hole and let THEM torture you.

Cool building,though, isn't it?