Monday, June 4, 2012

Out of the hole

The photo is of Winnie - who thought a little stretch of water on the beach was a shallow puddle. It wasn't and he went under. He's only a little chap.
I thought my story was quite straightforward too - not shallow!! - but not too tricky plot-wise. Of course, I do tend to think that until I get stuck part way through because I haven't planned anything out. But success!! I've emerged from the deep hole and written my way to the last chapter. Well, penultimate chapter. The bad guys will get their comeuppance and my heroes will get their HEA - after they've done apologising.
The only thing left to do is NAME THAT BOOK.  I either have the name at the start or it comes later. Much later in this case. I think I'm going with Coming Undone.
Any thoughts?

Coming Undone
Come Undone
Life Lessons
A Better Man


Fred said...

I like Coming Undone, and I like A Better Man.

Arlene said...

Coming Undone is my first choice. Congrats on another awesome novel!!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, guys!!

Rachael said...

I looovee you blog and books the lot! Would you have a look at my blog please? Thank you
Rachael xxx