Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Covers

Well, twice now in less than a week I've seen covers from two of my books used for someone else's books. (Not the first time) Not against the law - well assuming all encompassing rights weren't bought by the first publisher. And for all I know, I wasn't the first with my cover either but it is disconcerting. All the blather about covers selling books and how important they are and how publishers know best and the author should just suck it up if they don't like what they're given - sort of falls apart for me if I then see the same cover used elsewhere. Now it might have a bit of a tweak - different colour hair on the heroine or the background is changed but the essential feature - the hero and heroine - are the same - same pose, same clothes. I have to put my hand up and say I don't like it. It doesn't happen with the big publishers so I suppose it's economics but if my son - who's not a graphic designer - can come up with 4 book covers for a friend - all original albeit using items he's sourced on line, is it too much to ask that I have a cover that's all mine?


Arlene said...

EC should know better. If their cover artists dont sell exclusively to them, it really seems a cop out. After the sweat and emotion and seriously hard work you put into making your novels unique, it seems that the least the publisher can do. I really hope more don't pop up. I wish even more, you can submit your own covers because I know your son could do soooooo much better.

Barbara Elsborg said...

It's not just EC - but this is standard procedure apparently. I suspect it's a cost thing but I am a bit disappointed.