Thursday, November 14, 2013


My first grandchild had his first birthday yesterday! My daughter held a cake-smash - a shop bought cake covered in butter cream and hundreds and thousands that he was encouraged to play with, destroy, eat - do whatever he wanted. What Jackson wanted was to pick off the hundreds and thousands! Then he got into the swing of things.

While I spent a couple of hours trying to order information into some sort of logical fashion in order to put a page about me on Wikipedia. I discovered I now have over 30 books published and several novellas and short stories. Since my first book only came out in 2008 - I think that calls for a celebration. Where's my cake? (Oh I should add, I didn't write all those after 2008 - many were written before!)


Fred said...

He's awesome! I'm jealous. I put 20 pounds back on after shedding 40, and I've cut myself off from cake. Had I been there, he would've had a fight on his hands.

Barbara Elsborg said...

LOL, Fred!

Anonymous said...

That picture is just so cute!!! Sounds like so much fun - smashing up a cake!
You've done amazingly, Barb and I admire you SO much! 30+ books! And a possible movie deal too! ;)
Have a great weekend!
Molly xxx

Arlene said...

From the cutest grandkid, yummy looking cake, and accomplishments in five amazing years, ditto to what Fred and Molly said.