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Please welcome Molly Ann Wishlade to the blog! 18+ excerpt!!!!

Blog Interview With Molly Ann Wishlade

Do you have a special place that you like to write in? A routine you need to go through - such as 6 chocolate chip biscuits before you start! Music on? Music off? Kids chained up?

I write anywhere and anytime I can get. As I currently work fulltime, it’s hard to write as much as I’d like but I do my best! So I write at the kitchen table, in bed, in a chair – any way I can! Unfortunately, that means I don’t have time for a routine as such but coffee really helps me get going! I’m very lucky that my husband and kids are understanding. They know how much this means to me and how hard I try to make sure that they’re all fed, clothed and happy, so they try to let me write when I get the chance.

Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants? How did you develop that technique?

I was a ‘pantser’ but I kept hitting that middle of the story sag because it meant that I wasn’t always sure where it was going. So now I plan. Carefully. The stories don’t always stick to the plan because, as you know, characters often take off in directions you hadn’t thought of, but that’s a great part of writing! It’s exciting when midway through a novel, the characters guide you where they want to go.

I do admire you for plotting. I wish I could but I agree whichever method you use, stories have a life of their own!

What made you want to be a writer?

I have always wanted to write. I grew up convinced I’d be a journalist or a poet. I wrote stories and read voraciously. I constantly had a book in my hand and when I discovered Jane Eyre…well, I fell in love with romance! I went to University at eighteen to study English, Media and Drama and I continued writing but I had a bit of a confidence crisis, thinking that I probably couldn’t do it as I didn’t have sufficient life experience. I allowed my life to drift for a while and kind of fell into teaching. Fast-forward some years (lol) and I finally thought it was worth trying again. And here I am. Still trying but much, much harder!
I have so many stories that I want to tell and I’m striving to get them out there! 2014 will be a busy year! Look out! ;)

I had the same crisis of confidence, Molly. Studying all the greats of English literature left me feeling I was a fraud for thinking I could write.

What is the best thing about being published?

This is a difficult one because it’s just amazing being published. Seeing a book that you created on sale with a beautiful cover created especially to fit your story is AMAZING! From acceptance, to contract, to edits to release day to first sale, I love the experience. I’ve had a tough few years for a variety of reasons but when I’m writing I can escape and to know that the product of my imagination is providing others with their own form of escapism is incredibly satisfying. I just want to keep on going!

What sort of books do you like to read? Why!

I read all sorts – from gothic romances to Stephen King – but I’m definitely a romance junkie! I find so much enjoyment in the stories but also in admiring the craft itself and studying how other romance authors create the conflicts and the intensity between their characters. It fascinates me. Also, I’m addicted to books about the Tudors. I went to Hever Castle in the summer for my birthday and it was fabulous! I have lots of photographs which I’ll post soon on my blog. I also have a plot for a novel featuring Anne Boleyn prepared and I can’t wait to get writing it. I’m currently researching for it and enjoying reading some biographies. It’s amazing how different the portrayals of that fascinating woman are but it will hopefully make for a great read!

Favourite TV shows? Why!

At the moment, having signed up to Netflix, we’ve become addicted to The IT Crowd. It’s just so funny! We’re watching several episodes at a time but the humour is just daft and my kids love it! It’s a battle at breakfast times to see who can quote the funniest line! I also enjoy more serious shows though such as Braquo and Hannibal. And whenever I’m a bit blue, re-runs of Friends are brilliant for lifting my spirits.

If you could give your younger self a few words of advice - what would they be?

Wow! This is a BIG question. I spent a lot of time wishing that I’d dealt with things differently when I was a teenager – like when my parents divorced. I won’t bore you with details but I guess it’s always easier to think about what you would have done or could have done, with hindsight. I am a worrier and I’ve wasted a lot of time worrying when it changed nothing at all. So I would say Don’t worry so much and grab every day and live it to the full because we spend a lot of time wishing for the time when things will be easier, or less stressful, and those times either don’t come or you find that when they do, you’re missing someone you lost along the way. It’s easy to regret things but regret is a waste of time because you can’t change yesterday but you can have an effect upon today and tomorrow.

Good advice!!

Describe what you'd like to be doing 10 years from now.

Hopefully, writing fulltime and no longer teaching. It’s sad but much as I enjoy the teaching part of the job, the bureaucracy in the profession in Britain has gone mad and you can’t simply enjoy seeing the pupils make progress. Plus writing is what I’ve always wanted to do. So writing whilst being a loving wife and mother with a happy and healthy family around me. And maybe a few chickens and that rescue greyhound I keep asking for. Not much, just simple things and peace of mind.

Thanks for answering my questions, Molly!

Wanton in the Wild West by Molly Ann Wishlade

Sometimes a train journey can take you in an unexpected direction.
It is 1890, and the Chicago and North-Western Railroad now runs into Deadwood. After a year in Chicago, Amber Carpenter is homeward bound via steam train, escorted by two gorgeous cowboys. Amber swore a long time ago that she would never let a man hurt her, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not open to the idea of some fun.
Harry Delaney and Gideon Swain have their sights set on a bright future … if only their tragic past wasn’t holding them back. But from the moment they laid eyes on Amber Carpenter, they knew that there was something different about her.

Can the three of them turn their lives around within the space of a train journey?

Amber stirred and opened her eyes. She blinked rapidly trying to clear the disorientation she felt.
She was naked. Outside. Wrapped around a naked man.
She lifted her head and looked into his hazel eyes.
“Hey there, beautiful!” he whispered, then leant towards her and kissed her softly.
She enjoyed the warmth of his lips on hers, the feel of his strong, hard body and the growing erection, which pressed into her belly.
“Hello, Harry.” She smiled then realized that the day was cooler. The sun was lower in the sky. “Shouldn’t we be getting back? Before we’re missed?”
Doubt flooded into his gaze, and she wished that she could withdraw her words.
“If that’s what you want. We’ve not been gone all that long though, and they’ll call. Or Gideon will come looking once they’re ready to go.”
Amber placed her forefinger over his lips.
“Okay. Then what do we do while we’re waiting?”
Harry kissed her finger, and then his lips curved into a broad smile. “I can think of a few things.”
He rolled her onto her back and started to kiss her. Amber stretched out, savoring the exquisite sensations shooting through her limbs and flooding her body. She was amazed at the effect that this man had upon her. Just a touch or a kiss could set her skin on fire and her heart racing.
Was this just a physical reaction? Like the engine of the train, which was powered by coal or wood, were her feelings for Harry just powered by lust and desire? Or was there something else unfolding here? Something out of her control that could threaten her very resolve to remain single and independent.
His insistent mouth worked away her fears and her confusion, and she surrendered to him. His mouth on her breasts, his skilled fingers working her clitoris, and his erect cock as it pressed into her leg all took her further away from rational thought.
Then he moved his hand lower. Amber gasped as he tenderly probed between her folds and found the tight hole that led into her body.
He looked up from her breasts for a moment, seeking her approval, and she nodded at him. She wanted this. He returned to suckle her breasts, a feeling so delightful that she felt as if something inside her moved in time with his mouth. She gasped when she felt him inside her, touching her secret place tentatively with a finger. As he moved it in and out, Amber sighed and entwined her hands in his hair. She moved her hips in time with him, enjoying yet wanting more.
When he slid in another finger, she felt her opening stretching. A slight burning. Then nothing but incredible intense ecstasy. So many new and wonderful feelings! He plunged into her then withdrew before plunging again.
She moaned as he covered her clitoris with his mouth, cradling her bottom in his left hand whilst working inside her body with his right one. And she began to ascend again, her excitement winding up inside her like a coiled spring until suddenly it burst from her with a hot gush, and she throbbed into his mouth, time after time after time, riding wave after glorious wave of delight.
Harry continued to kiss her pussy for a while, running his tongue over her silken folds and sucking at the place where he had entered her, and she shivered with delightful little aftershocks. Then he climbed up her body and lay over her, resting on his elbows. His face was shiny with her juices, and his eyes shone with lust and something else, something so intense that it made her heart flip.
“Harry,” she whispered as she cupped his bristly chin between her palms. “Thank you.”
“My pleasure.” He grinned.
“No.” A deep voice emerging from the trees startled them both. “My pleasure!”
Harry pushed himself up to his knees, and Amber rolled onto her belly, trying to hide her nudity.
“Gideon.” Harry smiled. He jumped to his feet and hurried towards the other cowboy.


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