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Please welcome Sofia Grey to my blog!

A Welsh Wolf in Wellington blog tour


Since most of Sasha’s story takes place in Wellington, the compact and thriving capital city of New Zealand. I though it would be fun to feature a different part of the city – especially those mentioned in the book – on each tour ‘stop’. Come and join me on a truly unique virtual tour of Wellington J

Foxglove is a recent addition to the Waterfront area. A high end, but unpretentious bar & restaurant, it’s as popular during the day as it is at night. In the summer, it’s a great place to sit outside and watch the boats in the harbour. In winter, grab a seat upstairs and look at the city lights spread out in the distance.

Foxglove is one of those places that has a ‘vibe’. An undercurrent of something that most people outwardly ignore, while just accepting they like being there.
Megan enjoys drinking at Foxglove with her friends. The widely held reason is because it’s central for a lot of Wellington’s night life, but underneath, she feels the pull. It’s not a shifter bar, but it definitely has something going on. Maybe one day I’ll find out…


In this extract, Megan is waiting to meet her friends at Foxglove, when Sasha finds her:

Sasha braced himself for the explosion he knew was coming. Jake was going to be beyond angry. As he prepared to make the call, his phone buzzed with a new message: Jake requests FaceTime. Nu-huh. He declined and dialed Jake’s number instead.
“What’s going on, Sash?”

“I’m nearly there, Cuz, just got delayed.” He hastened his footsteps. “Can you ask them to hang on? Got to go, I’ll update you later.” He terminated the call and switched off the phone. With luck, Jake would pacify the Kiwi wolves, he'd make the meeting and recover from tonight's monster fuck-up.

He’d only gone a short distance when he scented her again. Megan. His wolf pricked up his ears and scratched at him. She was close and Sasha hesitated. If he delayed any further he’d only be compounding the level of trouble he’d be in. Fuck it. Two minutes wouldn’t hurt. Just to check she was okay.

He found her standing just inside the doorway to a sprawling trendy bar, with her back leaning against the doorframe, head bent and the evening sun casting fiery sparks through her hair. She spoke brightly into her phone, one finger absently playing with the hem of her shiny top while she chattered. The fabric draped softly over her gorgeous curves and Sasha couldn’t drag his eyes away. Leggy blondes were overrated. He now had a passion for curvy brunettes, and this one in particular.

A Handful Of Wolf  is available 25 November 2013, from Liquid Silver Books.

Sasha's not a looking-to-the-future kind of guy, but he's made an exception with his plans to travel and meet lots of pretty girls. Too bad his Pack Alpha, fate, and reality have other ideas about his trip abroad. He's pretty sure he didn't sign on to be a diplomat for the Snowdonia Wolf Pack. Or to find a Mate. Especially not a human Mate.

Megan knows better than to let a sweet-talking charmer get under her skin, but Sasha's sexy playfulness is making her forget all her rules. Except one: she's not willing to risk her heart by falling in love. The gorgeous boy from Wales can only be a fling, especially since her over-protective brothers hate him on sight. 

In the midst of a wolf uprising, a hesitant Mate, and Megan’s complicated family ties, Sasha learns that sometimes impulsiveness is dangerous and even lethal. Can he show Megan why they belong together before it all comes crashing down around him and he loses his Mate forever?


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I’m giving away 3 copies of A Handful of Wolf, to 3 lucky commenters across the tour. Just leave a comment at whichever site you visit, and you’ll go into the draw. The more comments you leave, the more chances you get to win J


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About Author

Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings. 


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