Monday, November 11, 2013


I had a book recently published called Perfect Trouble - it's a shortish paranormal, an MF, featuring Jinx the werewolf and Jonah the faerie. Did you read it? Did you like it? If you didn't, would you tell me why? It's difficult writing in a vacuum, I never know whether readers like that I mix and match genres or not. Most MM writers seem to stick to that in all their books but I've written everything, MF, MMF, MM but not FF. Similarly with settings - I'm as happy writing contemporary as I am paranormal but do readers like that?
My second ever Sci Fi romance is done. Awaiting judgement from a couple more beta readers before I launch it on the perilous trip to a publisher and no matter how many books I've had accepted, there is always that worry - is it good enough, funny enough, sexy enough?

And a piece of interesting trivia - Ostriches are impossible to train because they don't remember what happens from one day to the next - or maybe they just like being awkward!


Heather in FL said...

I did not read Perfect Trouble. I'm just not much into paranormal anymore. It's still on my list of potentials, because I love your stories, it's just not near the top because of the paranormal aspect. (Sorry!)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Heather! I'd wondered about paranormal. I thought it seemed to be slipping in popularity!!

Arlene said...

Paranormal isnt slipping with me. Your vamp series, fey stories are some of my absolute favorites. Cant wait for the sequel to Jumping in Puddles to be out of your twisted and awesome mind and in the editing process.

Beth Weaving said...

I love your paranormal stories, and am always looking for good fresh stories. However I am not seeing Perfect Trouble for sale on, and Goodreads shows it with a release date in December.
I too am looking forward to the Jumping Puddles sequel.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Arlene and Beth. Yes, I see now that the Amazon issue is a bit one. I know a lot of readers prefer to buy from there. Me too to be honest! It's just easier.
The sequel to Jumping in Puddles is at chapter four - I've promised to have it done for March. First time ever I've done that! Pressure.....sinking..... but at least I have a handle on the story now and I struggled for ages to think of something.