Sunday, February 19, 2012

A good photographer I am not

Just been on a little trip and had a great walk alongside a mangrove swamp. A little too close to the alligators but they look so sleepy and dopey and all the other seven dwarves, I wasn't worried. Then saw five or six big fish leap out of the water and the next moment, a gator came up with a fish in its jaws. And ate it. of course, by the time I had the camera out the moment was gone, but I've never seen an alligator eat before - outside of those places that you pay to see idiots dangle chickens over their heads.


Fred said...

Those things are one of the reasons I'd never live in Florida. I'd be terrified they eat my dogs. That top picture is pretty cool.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Son has to keep his dog close by - I don't like walking round the lake at the back of our house. I KNOW there are gators in there!

Arlene said...

Oh wow. I cant believe you witness the demise of a fish like that. I imagine drowning and dying in the grip of a monster like a gator is one of the worst ways to croak. And yep, fantastic pictures.

Laurie A. Green said...

Yikes, Barbara. Keep close track of Winnie.

Alligators, but especially Crocodiles, scare the heck out of me! I've always said if I ever go to Australia I'm not going anywhere near the water.

Then I learned that Florida actually has Crocodiles--a very small population of American Crocs--and they can reach 20 feet in length. Okay, not going near the water in Florida now either. LOL