Monday, February 27, 2012

What I write

I sometimes feel the need to point out that I write stories in which things happen. Not just sex between hero and heroine or whatever combination I've gone for in that particular book. Yes, there's lots of sex - I write erotic romance, that's a given. They're not for YA - I thought that was a given too but maybe not.
I don't write about on-off relationships. I don't write sex-based stories that are little more than a series of sexual encounters. My books are also adventures and THINGS HAPPEN. Are they realistic? Well only within the bounds of writing fiction. I don't think much that I write could actually happen in real life. If you ever meet a vampire at the bottom of a cave, let me know. If you meet guys as funny and good-looking as I write them, let me know.
I write stories where the characters are put under pressure - not just emotional angst - but worries about their lives, their jobs, their families, their ability to jump off a cliff. I like imagining them in all sorts of situations and the fun for me is that those situations aren't entirely realistic. EG Are you likely to meet the love of your life by crashing your car into his on a snowy lane? Or by having wild monkey sex in a Venice garden? Well, maybe, or maybe not, but I hope readers just travel the road with me and enjoy the journey. If you don't like books where stuff happens apart from the sex - then don't read me. I'm fine with that.


Carole said...

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Thanks, Carole!