Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Special Gift

What seems like eons ago (actually 2008) I wrote a little story - The Special Gift - and 'sold' it to Ravenous Romance. Sadly the contract stated that I couldn't be paid until the income from the story reached $100 - guess what!!! I finally made that magic figure. So I just need to ask for a check now. I'm not implying any criticism here - when you publish a short story, you don't get much money per sale so I quite understand why companies would want to wait until the royalties reached a reasonable amount. Finally, they have.
I think The Special Gift might be my favorite short. It was inspired by the children's book An Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. How my kids loved that story. The idea of putting a little figure in a cupboard and it comes to life the next day - still miniature. They made a film of it but I loved the book best. My heroine throws something into her closet and has a surprise when she opens the door!

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Fred said...

You have to ask for the check? How off-putting. I hate groveling for money I'm owed. It's like having to ask for a raise. It's something men shouldn't have to do.